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Finding Your Professional Fit

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First, Meet Sharon

Before you get started, hear straight from one of our Category Specialists, Sharon. As a Category Specialist in Denim, Sharon manages a wide variety of apparel on Walmart and Jet. Not too shabby, if you ask us...

Watch Sharon explain her experience and why she thinks the Category Specialist position is one of the most impactful at Walmart.

Intrigued? Let's dive in.


Know the Market

Welcome to the world of Men’s Basics. It all starts with understanding what your customer wants. First, you’ll research who our target customer is, what he’s looking for, and how our current selection stands up to the market.

Sound like a game you’d be good at?  Let's suit up.

Skills You'll Learn

• Market Research      • Trend Analysis

• Industry Benchmarking



Optimize the Experience

In fashion, it’s not just about your products – it’s about creating an incredible shopping experience where customers can imagine wearing our apparel every day. You’ll spend time monitoring sales, optimizing the look and feel of your category, and elevating our user experience through technology.

Onward and Upward...


Skills You'll Learn

• Sales Forecasting       • Pricing

• Visual Merchandising



Broaden Our Assortment

So, you understand which products our customers want. What now? Partnering directly with vendors, you’ll help them get their apparel seen by and sold to millions of shoppers. You will choose products you know will succeed based on data-driven insights and your own intuition.

Let's hit the runway.

Skills You'll Learn

• Purchasing       • Business Development

• Inventory Management


Launch New Apparel

What’s a great pair of jeans if no one can find them? With the help of your friends on the Marketing team, you’ll choose keywords for SEO, create eye-catching assets for visual merchandising, and ensure your product is discoverable across all our sites. Now your product can really strut its stuff.

Ready for your close up?


Skills You'll Learn

• Digital Marketing       • Copywriting

• Reporting


Be Ready-To-Win

Congrats – you’ve listened to your customer, drove greater product assortment, and created a compelling shopping experience within Men’s Basics. Now, men across the country can have you to thank for their stylish reinvention. As one of the top categories across our family of brands (true story), you’ve helped make Walmart eCommerce a fashion destination.

Want in on the fun?

Skills You'll Learn

• Being Awesome       • Crushing It

• Delighting Customers



Are you ready to own your category and propel your career?