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From Zero to Home Hero

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First, Meet The Team

Hear from our CS team including Cody, who is managing and growing his own business in the Home category across Walmart’s family of brands, including and Hayneedle.

Hear why Cody thinks of the Category Specialist role as a career path to crushing it that few other companies can offer.

Interested? Dig in.


Make Yourself at Home

Days into the job, Cody is given complete control over managing the Home Media Fireplaces business. Now what? He gets up to speed quickly by studying the market: target audiences, best-sellers, price points, competitors—you name it, he knows what makes a house a home!

Sound like a fun challenge?  We're just getting started>

Skills You'll Learn

• Market Research      • Trend Analysis

• Industry Benchmarking



Think Outside the (TV) Box

After getting to know his vendors, Cody recognizes an opportunity: What about a media fireplace that gives the customer functionality and style? Now it’s time to get creative. Cody works with one of his vendors to produce renderings of a brand new item he’s betting big on.

Let’s make this happen.  What next?


Skills You'll Learn

• Sales Forecasting       • Pricing

• Visual Merchandising



Go With Your Gut

Farmhouse-industrial? How chic! After working with the vendor to get the renderings just right, Cody orders a sample of the media fireplace and negotiates a price point that will please his customers and make it a hit during the holiday season.

It’s go time.

Skills You'll Learn

• Purchasing       • Business Development

• Inventory Management


Rally the Troops

It takes a village to make a best-seller. Cody partners with photographers in the studio to create site photos and holiday shots featuring the fireplace. Meanwhile, he consults Purchasing & Claiming on how many orders to place, then works with marketing to pull together looks for catalogue promos later in the year.

And now for the big reveal…


Skills You'll Learn

• Digital Marketing       • Copywriting

• Reporting


Bring It to Life

After getting the site photos uploaded, writing the description, and “boosting” the item to appear front and center, the beautiful new SKU makes its debut on Hayneedle. Over the next few weeks, it gains traction with customers thanks to Cody and his team who keep track of performance and turn it into one of the top ten items in his category.

That’s what we call crushing it. ”Want in on the fun?

Skills You'll Learn

• Being Awesome       • Crushing It

• Delighting Customers



Are you ready to own your category and propel your career?