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First, Meet Sharon

Before you get started, hear straight from one of our Category Specialists, Sharon. As a Category Specialist in Denim, Sharon manages a wide variety of apparel on Walmart and Jet. Not too shabby, if you ask us...

Watch Sharon explain her experience and why she thinks the Category Specialist position is one of the most impactful at Walmart.

Intrigued? Let's dive in.


Know the Market

It all starts with understanding your target market, and maybe a little magic. To read into the future and predict which toys will be best-sellers this year, you’ll attend trade shows, study top-performing products, and dig into data to detect the winners.

Sound like a game you’d be good at?  Read on.

Skills You'll Learn

• Market Research      • Trend Analysis

• Industry Benchmarking



Place Your Bets

So you’ve got a solid hunch which toys will be a hit. Time to go big or go home! Choose the highest-potential products you’ve identified from your research, forecast future sales using historical data, and work with your team to get exposure for your toys across our sites.

Let’s make this happen.  What next?


Skills You'll Learn

• Sales Forecasting       • Pricing

• Visual Merchandising



Partner with Vendors

The toy makers want in on the fun, too. After placing an order, you’ll partner directly with the vendors to help get their toys seen by millions of shoppers. Got the products set up in our system? Check. Secured funding to feature the toys in prominent places? Check.

It’s go time.

Skills You'll Learn

• Purchasing       • Business Development

• Inventory Management


Launch Your Product

What good is a toy if no one can find it? With the help of your friends on the Marketing team, you’ll choose keywords for SEO, create eye-catching assets for visual merchandising, and ensure everything displays correctly across our sites. Now your product can really show off to our customers.

The fun’s not done yet…


Skills You'll Learn

• Digital Marketing       • Copywriting

• Reporting


Product Home Run

Congrats! All your hard work and preparation paid off. Your toy just became a Top 5 Best-seller on Jet’s site (true story). Not only that, but your competitors miscalculated and completely sold out of the product, leaving Jet as the only retailer with inventory: BINGO. The cherry on the sundae? Your toy put smiles on the faces of thousands of children over the holiday.

That’s what we call a “win - win - win". ”Want in on the fun?

Skills You'll Learn

• Being Awesome       • Crushing It

• Delighting Customers



Are you ready to own your category and propel your career?